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CardVerify Credit Card Merchant Account Setup Pricing |

Register today for a free 14 day CardVerify fraud protection service trial account. There are is no setup or monthly member fees for CardVerify and the service can be used free of chargee. There is nothing to cancel and you are not billed monthly as a basic member. A basic member has full access to everything CardVerify has to offer. After your free trial period you will need to complete your account profile by adding a credit card on file. With CardVerify you only pay a small transaction fee for every credit card order you verify from that specific client.

Verification fee is only 0.88 per "verified order" and for any subsequent orders from that same verified customer, this is free during the trial period. All customers must be verified by a real human and you only pay a verification fee when you process your order and accept the payment from your customer. This fee is for the CardVerify fraud protection services and additional charges will apply through your merchant account and payment gateway. This is typical of online merchant accounts and more information will be provided upon set up. With CardVerify you will only be charged a verification fee after you personally check and verify an order is 100% valid. You are never charged a fee for any customer orders you do not verify.

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